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FESTIVAL e AWARD 08/12/2021

The fourth wave of the pandemic delay the Da Vinci’s Horse XXI edition.

The worldwide and European unpredictable ongoing pandemic convince MIFF Awards organizers to extend the winner announcement; and postpone the Premiere programme in a TBA date.
"Its our intention to make in person events, in presence of audience and film’s authors. With great commitment and resources, every year we select talented filmmakers of powerful stories from all over the world in various disciplines", declared MIFF Awards Artistic Director, Andrea Galante, "The inhomogeneity of the regulations to combat the pandemic in the world, and especially in Europe - where most of this year's films come from - at the moment do not allow us to plan a program of premieres in presence in the short term. This is why we accepted the prospect of delaying the announcement of the winners at the end of the year and the consequent program of their films on a date to be defined, in accordance with CoVid regulations, not only in Italy. As soon as we are able to plan a program with the participation of the winning candidates of the Leonardo's Horse we will announce the calendar."

The Leonardo's Horse Committee has accepted the decision to extend the announcement of the winners of the statuette, leaving more time for members to vote on the selection of winners in all categories, and move the projection of the most voted titles to a date to be defined in 2022.
Winners will be announced Tuesday, the 28th of December, on miffawards.it

Tutte le candidature sono consultabili sul sito www.miffawards.com

scritto da FSN Staff fonte MIFF Awards